How to use a steam iron?


1. Before use, the yellow and green two-color wires in the power core of the steam iron should be grounded to prevent the risk of electric shock caused by leakage of electricity.
2. Lift the front end of the steam iron so that the water filling port is upward, and slowly pour the boiled water from the water filling port with a measuring cup.The amount of water added can be determined according to the volume of the iron's water reservoir.
3. An electric iron equipped with a water level glass can be erected to observe the water level in the water reservoir and add water as needed.
4. On the fabric indicator of the steam iron, the label of the fabric name is basically the same as that of the temperature-regulating electric iron.The difference is that an additional steam mark is added.

5. Turn on the electric iron, turn the temperature control knob to the position between the wool and linen, the indicator light should glow.When the indicator light goes out, it means that the temperature of the iron soleplate has reached the required value.