How to use the lint remover


How to use lint remover
1. Push the switch to shave. When shaving, please spread the clothes flat on the table, gently stick the net cover to the clothes and move back and forth, pay attention to the knots of the wool, so as not to break. Shave the long pile sweater on the dress Terry loops are more effective.
2. Please clean the knife holder, net cover and storage in time after shaving.

3.When the speed of the shaver is slow, please charge it in time, the charging time is 8-10 hours, and the switch should be turned off when charging.

1. Please never use it for shaving beard,
2. Don't hold the machine under too much pressure, just keep the mesh close to the object.
3. After shaving and vacuuming, please clean the moving knife, net cover and storage in time.
4. Avoid using it for sweaters that are being worn

Tips for using lint remover
1. It is suitable for short-haired woolen clothes, sportswear, skirts, scarves, blankets, etc. It is specially equipped with a pilling device, which is convenient to pick up all kinds of hair balls and shave them quickly.

2. It is suitable for long-haired sweaters, with a protective cover of fluff. Only the hair balls are cut off without harming the sweater itself. The fluffy feel of the fabric can be maintained after shaving.