Little knowledge about facial skin scrubber


Facial scrub is an emulsified cleansing product, usually the product contains uniform and fine particles. It is mainly used to remove the dirt in the deep layers of the skin. By rubbing on the skin, it can peel off the aging scaly keratin and remove dead skin. Facial skin scrubber can be divided into plant type, donkey milk type, chemical type and flower essential oil type according to their ingredients.

Facial skin scrubber contains insoluble solid abrasives, emulsifying cream used for deep cleansing of facial skin to remove dead skin. When using, massage the paste on the skin properly. While exerting the cleansing effect of oil, water and surfactant in the preparation, the friction of apricot shell powder, nylon powder and other abrasives can remove the more difficult dirt and accumulation on the skin. Removal of aging stratum corneum cells on the surface of the skin. Such products should not be used every day. Dry skin and sensitive skin should be used with caution, and the massage should be light and moderate to avoid skin damage.So when you choose, you must try whether the frosted particles are smooth and not too hard.