Types of facial skin scrubber


Facial skin scrubber can be divided into plant type, donkey milk type, chemical type and flower essential oil type according to their ingredients. Scrubs can be divided into face and body based on care.

Plant type
The scrub particles of this scrub are natural plants such as almonds, red beans, papaya, and oats. The advantage is that it contains natural lipids and vitamins to moisturize the skin; suitable for facial and body care.

Donkey milk type
The composition of this facial skin scrubber is more precious. It is the extract of donkey milk and natural almond scrub. The advantage is that the milk fragrance is rich, the whitening effect is stronger, and it has the effects of exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing, and eliminating wrinkles. After washing, the skin can become white and tender, just like drinking fresh milk. South Korea calitte is the first donkey milk scrub brand (this is a body scrub and cannot be used on the face), and it has been sold globally. According to legend, the ancient Cleopatra used donkey milk to bathe her face.

Chemical type
Such frosted particles are artificial particles such as alumina and silica. The advantage is that it is artificially synthesized and the particles are round and uniform; this type of skin care product is not recommended.

Flower essential oil type
The frosted particles are rich in natural floral trace elements. The advantage is that it contains moisturizing factors, which can quickly wake up the vitality of the skin; suitable for facial and body care.