Different types of lint remover


Dry cell wool lint remover
As the name suggests, a hair ball remover with a dry battery. Generally, it is No. 5 battery, which can be used after being installed into the battery.
Quick trimming with round blade: catch the hair ball neatly and trim it fresh
Easy operation of hair ball upright: the lying down hair ball can be captured by the hair ball upright machine, and the thin texture can also be trimmed · automatic safety protection · with dust collection function

Rechargeable wool lint remover
Rechargeable wool remover is built with rechargeable battery, so it is called rechargeable wool ball trimmer. Fully charged style.

In line wool lint remover

In line hairball remover in-line hairball trimmer is a hairball trimmer directly used by directly inserting the plug into the household 220V power supply.

Filling and inserting dual-purpose wool lint remover

The charging and inserting dual-purpose wool trimmer is built with a rechargeable battery. When in use, the plug can also be inserted into the domestic 220V power supply to use the wool ball trimmer