Dry Battery Lint Remover


Dry battery Lint Remover
As the name suggests, use a dry battery's hair ball trimmer. Usually 5 batteries, can be used in the battery.
Round blade Quick Trim: Lord captures the hair ball and repair refreshing
The ball is easy to operate, and the bucket can be captured with a spalls. Thin texture can also trimmed · Automatic safety protection. 

Charging Lint Remover
The charge-shaped meter trimmer has a built-in battery, called a chargeable hair ball trimmer. Full of electricity, ready to use.

In-in-slug Lint Remover
The straight-in-slug ball trimmer is inserted with a slurry, which is directly used in the home 220V power supply.

Dip dual-use Lint Remover
The dual-use meter trimmer is filled with a built-in battery. It can also be plugged in a home 220v power supply using a hairball trick.