Types of steam irons


1. Ordinary
The most basic form of steam iron. The structure is simple, mainly composed of a bottom plate, an electric heating element, a pressure plate, a cover, a handle and other parts. Due to the inability to adjust the temperature, it has been gradually eliminated.

2. Temperature regulating type

It is made by adding a temperature control device to an ordinary steam iron. The temperature control element adopts a bimetallic sheet, and the initial distance and pressure between the static and moving contacts on the bimetallic sheet can be changed by using the temperature adjusting knob to obtain the desired ironing temperature. The temperature adjustment range is generally 60~250℃.

3. Steam type
It is made by adding a steam generator and a steam controller on the basis of the temperature-regulating steam iron, which has the dual functions of temperature regulation and steam injection, without manual water spraying.

4. Steam spray type
A spray system is added to the steam-type steam iron, which has multiple functions of temperature adjustment, steam injection and spraying. The steam injection system is the same as that of a steam-type steam iron. When the temperature of the soleplate is higher than 100℃, press the steam button and the water control lever will open the drip nozzle. out. The spray device and the steam generating device are independent of each other. Press the spray button by hand, the piston in the spray valve is pressed down, the round steel ball of the valve closes the hole at the bottom of the valve tightly, and the water in the valve is sprayed out of the spray nozzle through the guide hole of the piston rod as a mist; release your hand After that, the spray button is automatically reset. Due to the action of the valve, the water in the water storage chamber pushes the round steel ball at the bottom of the valve open, and enters the valve through the bottom hole.

5. Mini steam iron
Also known as travel iron, small iron, DIY iron, it is a kind of exquisite compact iron for personal DIY, travel and ironing hot drilling images. Usually PTC heating elements are used, the size is less than 12 cm, and the weight is less than 0.50 kg. The size is generally small and exquisite, easy to carry.
Danger of leakage.

6. Temperature control spray type
It is constructed by adding a steam injection device to the ordinary steam iron, which has the dual function of temperature regulation and steam injection. This kind of steam iron has a number of steam injection holes on the soleplate, and a sealed water storage tank on the soleplate and heating element. The water inlet of the water storage tank is set at the front end of the handle, the steam outlet pipe and the water storage tank Connected, there is a valve on the steam outlet pipe, and the button on the handle controls the steam injection or stops the steam injection. When the electric heating element is energized to heat the bottom plate, it also heats the water in the water tank, and the water boils and vaporizes to produce steam. The water vapor is ejected from the steam spray hole on the bottom plate through the pipe, so that the clothes to be ironed are moistened by the water vapor. The rear half of the water reservoir is separated from the bottom plate. When steam spraying is not required, the iron only needs to be erected, and the water in the water reservoir will stop heating and save heat.

7. Temperature control spray steam spray type

It is constructed by adding an atomizing device on the basis of a steam jet type steam iron. In addition to the temperature-regulating steam spraying function, the temperature-regulating steam spray steam iron can also spray water mist onto the clothes, which can make thicker clothes fully moisturized and improve the ironing effect. The structure of the atomization device is to extend the lower part of a capillary tube into the lower part of the water tank and immerse it in water. The upper part of the capillary tube leads to a spray hole with a valve. When working, part of the water vapor generated by heating enters the top of the water storage tank through the steam inlet pipe to maintain a certain pressure on the water surface of the water storage tank. The nozzle spouts while the capillary tube sucks up the water.