The difference between steam iron and regular iron


1. Different contact surfaces(steam iron)
The contact surface of the steam iron is provided with a steam outlet hole to facilitate steam eruption.
An ordinary iron is a flat metal surface.

2. In different ways(steam iron)
The steam iron generates steam to iron clothes by heating the internal hot water.
Ordinary iron uses its contact surface with high temperature and water to press clothes flat by force.

3. The temperature is different.(steam iron)
Steam iron can choose different temperature ranges according to the material of clothes.
The ordinary electric iron can't control the temperature. Once heated, it will remain at a constant temperature when it rises to the top.

4. The scope of application is different.(steam iron)

Steam iron can iron almost all kinds of clothes, even very light silk or with pleated lace.
Ordinary irons can only finish the leveling of clothes, that is, ironing the flat surface, and can not be processed according to the style of clothes themselves.