How does the RF Beauty Instrument Operate Correctly?


When women appear relaxed, when the symptoms, the whole person will become a lot, the wrinkles on the face will increase slowly, this is generally starting from the loss of collagen, some people will improve the way through medical beauty It is usually more painful, and the economic pressure is also relatively large, and many women are plagued. With the development of high-tech, the instrument that can improve this skin symptom can be improved. That is the radio beauty instrument, the following small series said that the working principle of RF beauty instrument, and how to correct the lower RF beauty meter? operate

How does the RF Beauty Instrument do the household?

If you don't have much to improve the part, you want the whole face to become full and delicate. It is recommended that the full face uses a low gear, don't rush to use high-grade, especially in the Apple muscle part, don't use high-grade position, the low position insists that it is already able to see a certain effect.

If your goal is to tighten the cheeks outline, improve the appearance of the frustrated flesh. Only high-grade bits are used in areas where cheeks are painted, and other parts are used in other parts. That is, the full face is first heated with a low gear position, then adjust the high-end position to strengthen the two buccal parts, so there will be some instant and more long-term face-lifting effects, which is more effective for the surface of the water.

If your goal is to improve relaxation, confronted and tired. After the full face is heated, it will be high-grade, and the four lines are drawn on the face. They are the nose - the direction of the torch, the corner of the mouth - the direction of the torch - the direction of the torch, the mandible, the direction of the torch, do not move uniform movement, don't Circular circles in a certain site. This is to form a few compared collagen skeletons, tiratory soft tissue, of course, the ultimate effect cannot be compared with linearvice.